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Meet  Amara L.  Graham

In the past 10 years, I’ve had many wins and losses, and my tests turned into testimonies coupled with definitive strategies (prayer, tears, and mentorship) that have helped me to financially thrive and build many sustainable brands by the age of 30. I believe that glass ceilings do not exist when God is the architect helping to build your own house. 


Allow me the opportunity to motivate and inspire you as a speaker at your next event, or we can partner, and we can begin working together one-on-one. Iron sharpens iron! We truly are stronger together and rise by lifting each other. I’m going to motivate you to lean into your gifts, BLOOM in your excellence, and strategically build the life of your dreams. 

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Mrs. Curve North America 2022

I started my journey in pageantry in August 2021, as Ms. Curve’ Virginia, and was recently crowned in Palm Springs, CA as Mrs. Curve North America 2022.

This was my 2nd year competing with my new title, coupled with another opportunity for me to be a spokeswoman for Women in Need (W.I.N.) Foundation. The Mrs. Globe pageant competition partners with the W.I.N Foundation, a 501(C) 3 non-profit that is committed to providing programs of recovery for those affected by abuse. The goal is to repair the emotional health, personal self-esteem & empowerment of women.

My experience as a state and now national title holder for the Mrs. Globe organization is life-changing. The introvert in me has said “YES” more times than I can count, and I have embraced a deeper level of boldness, courage, and fearlessness.


Becoming Mrs. Curve North America allows me to re-present this “idea” we call beauty and re-define the standard and box the world has so easily put women in.

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"This version of Amara is the greatest version ever seen, and I love the woman I am evolving into.”

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Dr. Tracy Kemble Award

Exceptional Speaker, Mrs. Globe

Women's Empowerment Excellence Award 2022

I am not a single-digit size and I am PROUD of it. And, when another young girl or woman sees me on the stage (natural hair, mohawk, brown skin, and all the elements that make me “different,” etc.,) she can see herself on the stage. 

When she reads or hears me share my story, it will encourage her to keep going, keep believing, keep trusting, and keep showing up. She will see herself in me, and she will know that she was born for such a time as this, and then she will go for it, and because she did, another woman will. This is how we break the cycle, “reclaim our lives, stop negotiating our worth, and show up as the Queens that we were divinely and uniquely created to be.”


I believe, my win is your win; and we will keep rising, shining, and winning together.

Partner with me, and let’s change that to we:

God is OUR source, WE lack nothing.

WE Are Visionaries, destined to be legendary.



CEO & COO of GraceFull Lashes and Beauty, LLC

Eyelash Extension Artist & Educator

I am the owner and operator of GraceFull Lashes and Beauty, LLC. We are an eyelash extension studio in Northern Virginia dedicated to prioritizing the integrity of natural lash health, and we are committed to offering high-quality eyelash extension services and trainings.


I am a product of my service, in which I not only apply lash extensions to other women, but I quickly learned how transformative the experience of lash extensions can be through self-application. This has uniquely positioned me to be a walking billboard for my business. Since 2017, I have enhanced a woman's outer beauty through eyelash extensions while simultaneously impacted their inner beauty through speaking to the Queen within.

Experiencing the application of lash extensions, of course performed by me, isn't just about improving your look,

it's about rejuvenating your soul. Through GraceFull Lashes, I minister to women and create an uplifting and empowering experience that mirrors my love of God through how I serve as His daughter.

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