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Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking

I am a motivational speaker and have graced national stages as a woman of faith who intentionally capitalizes on inspiring through strategic action. Capitalizing on my love for God and service to His people, I not only motivate but take it to the next level as I inspire through my testimony. I love to encourage listeners to look at the big picture of their own lives as they aspire to be the best version of themselves possible. I serve to also remind women that their perspective and response to every situation shapes their approach and will overall determine the success of the result.

Focus Areas:

  • Women’s Empowerment

  • Personal Development

  • Growing in Christian Faith | Walking in Godly Principles

  • Building and Managing A Business

I’m Available to Serve (Services Offered):

  • Webinars | Virtual Sessions: $150

  • Panel Discussions: $250

  • Keynote Speaker | Seminars: $500

  • Weekend Retreats: $1000

Motivational Strategist

Did you know that motivation is one of the driving forces behind human behavior; impacting your desire to continue striving toward meaning, purpose, and a life worth living? As a motivational strategist, I will help you identify and work through specific challenges in your life by offering my support and encouragement along the way. Unlike others, I take it up a notch by helping you set goals and strategies to achieve those goals. No person is the same, therefore no strategy is either. As your motivational coach and strategist, we will focus on big-picture thinking and develop practical ways to manage challenges along the journey to fulfilling your desired purpose.


Motivational Strategy Sessions:

  • Seed: Discovery “Seed” Session (Consultation): This discovery (seed) session is to identify your goals, areas of concerns, and whether “we” are the right fit for one another. What’s Included:

    • Duration: 30 Minutes

    • Cost: Free

  • Planting/Sowing A Seed: Personal Development “Sowing” Strategy Session: Are you certain you are or carrying seed, but don’t know where to start or how to nurture and BLOOM? This vision & strategy session is for you! This “sowing seed” session includes a 60-minute session to discuss and equip clients with goal setting, strategies and tools to push past the obstacles preventing one from blooming or accomplishing their goal. What’s Included:

    • Recommendation | Guided Checklist

    • 1 - Post Follow-up Session

    • Duration: One - 60 Minute Session

    • Cost: $100

  • Nurture to Bloom: Personal Development “Bloom” Strategy Package: Are you in a season of what felt like “buried” then perspective shifts to planted? This personal development, “Nurture to BLOOM” package consists of four 60-minute sessions tailored and designed to the needs of each client. This package provides clear goal setting, strategic planning, tips and tools to enhance your personal and professional growth. What’s Included:

    • Vision | Goal Setting

    • Personalized | Strategic Plan

    • 4 - Weekly/Bi-Weekly Check-ins

    • 1 - Post Follow up Session

    • Duration (of each session): 60 Minutes

    • Cost: $400

  • Bloom: Personal Check-In “Bloom” Strategy Sessions: How are you BLOOMING, King and Queen? This “Bloom” check-in is a 30- minute session tailored for clients who need a motivational boost or a listening ear. This session is *FREE* to all clients, who booked either a “Sowing or Blooming” package.

    • Duration: 60 Minutes

    • Cost: Free within 6 months of a Sowing or Bloom Strategy Package Completion

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Amara's Overall Influence

Amara’s diverse influence reflects women of all ethnicities, primarily women of faith who desire to walk in purpose, live a fulling life, and gain economic wealth. Aside from educating them on faith, business style, and personal branding strategies, they love learning about how she lives day-to-day as a woman of God, professional millennial, and beauty pageant Queen.

90% Women

85% Ages 20-60

95% Believe Faith Is Essential to Daily Living & Overall Success

(Personally & Professionally)

What Attendees Say

“Loved it! Had an amazing time.
Such a different experience”
- Karen Guandique, Lead Stylist
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